Synapse Consulting


Synapse Consulting provides solutions for businesses to maximize return on their investments. Our deep industry knowledge enables clients to address issues specific to their businesses, and our infrastructure provides the capacity and capability to help ensure we serve our clients extraordinarily well.

About Synapse Consulting

Synapse Consulting was a result of the integration of two young enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Their idea was to use Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology as a tool to improve businesses. It was formed in September 2005 and since then the company has successfully concluded several projects in different industries across the globe.

What is our Goal?

Our Goal: keep your competitive edge, keep pace with the speed of business and deliver products and services that satisfy your customer's demands
Our Objective: work behind the scenes to help you achieve your business goals by delivering services that simplify and streamline your IT and business environment for operational excellence.

What is our Mission?

To provide business consulting services to large, medium and small companies using state of the art Artificial Intelligence techniques. Targeting key operations to facilitate our customers' efforts for productivity; and quality planning that assist critical corporate decisions.

What can we do?

You've read the articles, seen the reports, and heard the talk and trade shows, your networking groups, and even around the table when out with friends. Businesses are doing innovative things - with amazing results - using the abundance of available technologies. And these aren't just the big guys who have a few extra million to throw around, these are companies the size of your company, with similar capabilities. How'd they do it? Where do you start? We can show you.

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