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Customized Development - Understanding the BIG picture

Technology alone won’t give you a competitive advantage. It won't get you more customers, make you more efficient, extend your global reach, or enable you your office to be more productive. But technology that is thoughtfully designed and appropriately deployed in support of your business model is technology that works for you. And that kind of alignment between business and technology doesn't come from a box.

More than system requirements, we'll work with you to understand the context within which those requirements live. We'll ask you questions about your business goals, your business model, your industry, market strategy, competition, target users, and objectives for the specific project in front of us. This "big picture" - beyond the functional spec - view will allow us to develop a system that is more valuable to you, better aligned with business goals, and geared for the right end users. This up-front planning also may uncover some kinks in business process or workflow that should be worked out prior to system design.

Open Source - What the world is coming to

The Open Source Model is a very pragmatic way of evolving software in a rapidly changing environment. It harnesses the collective wisdom, experiences, expertise and requirements of its most demanding users to ensure that their needs are rapidly met. The promise of open source is better quality, higher reliability; more flexibility, lower cost, and end to predatory vendor lock in.

KnowledgeTree   Openbravo ERP   Magento e-commerce   Sugar CRM

Synapse Consulting has the expertise, the resources and the will to provide whatever level of support they feel the market will bear. With complete access to the source code and product knowledge Synapse Consulting has the edge that previously was only available to the owners of the proprietary software. Open Source often has a lot of the same features as proprietary software.

Open Source often has a lot of the same features as proprietary software:

  • Commercially available technical support
  • Professional documentation
  • Professional Training
  • Managed Release Schedules at popular platforms
  • Binary distributions for popular platforms
  • Active User Groups exchanging expertise

Arguments in favour of the open source technology include:

  • Possibly zero purchase price
  • No need to account for copies in use, reducing administrative overheads
  • Reduced need for regular updates (giving lower management cost)
  • Longer uptimes and reduced need for expensive systems administrators
  • Near zero vulnerability to viruses eliminating the data loss and downtime
  • Lower vulnerability to security breaches and hack attacks
  • Ability to prolong life of holder hardware while retaining performance

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